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2 Aug

I went through some posts on this blog today and… why was I like this


Just why




24 Feb

Hey! Rimsha here. Well obviously.

As you can tell, I have abandoned this blog and I probably won’t post more on here. Or I probably will every once in a while. Maybe when I start writing stories again I’ll publish them here. have decided that I probably won’t post on here any time soon though. ButI do change my mind easily.

If anyone wants to talk to me. (No one even goes on this blog anymore though lol. I don’t go on this blog anymore.) Some off my social networking links are at the end of this post.

Two friends I met on Facebook through a mutual friend are starting up a music blog that I’ll be part of. That blog hasn’t been created yet but I will make sure to edit this post and write down the link to it once it is created.

But for now, I bid ye all goodbye.

~ Rimsha Xx

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Maybe I’ll make an soon.

TV Shows.

17 Jun

Aaaaaand here is another post about all the tv series I am currently watching / have watched / need to start. I really need to post on here more and yeah.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post is.

So I’ve watched all the episodes of The Vampire Diaries (The last episode of season four; no words.) and I’ve watched all seasons of Sherlock, which can’t be that hard since there are only six episodes so far.

I’m almost done with season eight of Supernatural. I have two or three more episodes left but I really don’t want to watch it because I don’t want to finish Supernatural and season nine is too far away.
Pretty Little Liars; I haven’t watched it in like, two months. So I’m still on season two. Pretty interesting show.
I haven’t watched Doctor Who in months either. I started One Tree Hill. Watched the last episode of season one today. (I’m really fast, aren’t I?) I really loved Nathan and Lucas in that episode.
Well, I think that’s all the shows I’m watching right now.

THEN I have to start Merlin, Prison Break, Game of Thrones, White Collar, The Walking Dead and I’m pretty sure there are more I can’t remember.

I love my friends reactions when I tell them I might start watching Game of Thrones (I have to read the books too, oh.)
Like, I once told a friend of mine I’m thinking of watching Game Of Thrones, I knew what her reaction would be, and she just started warning me.
She was like, ‘No! Don’t watch it! There’s a lot of weird stuff in it! There is a lot of incest behaviour in the show, do you know what incest is?’
I don’t know, I found that kind of funny for some reason.
I still don’t understand how she thought I didn’t know what incest was.

Anyhow, As you can see my life is all tv shows. Also music and YouTubers but…

~ Rimsha

Spring Fever Tour

20 Apr

I really have nothing to post about anymore.

But I’ll try.

Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, All Time Low and Pierce the Veil are touring together and I’m just freaking out because of all the pictures of them. I really want to go. D:

Also, yesterday was my brother’s graduation ceremony thing. His school is like, 5x the size of mine. This famous guy was invited. His name is Salman Ahmad and he’s from the band Vital Signs. He’s worked with singers like Sting and Alicia Keys, I think. He sang two songs too. It was pretty cool. And after that was the part where the 13th graders get their diplomas. We left right after my brother’s name was called. xD

I’ve started watching Pretty Little Liars. I’m on Season 2. It’s pretty nice. I’ve also started Sherlock, but I finished all the episodes. Season three is in the making, though. This makes me happy. I’m on season four of The Vampire Diaries (around episode 15) and somewhere in the beginning of season eight of Supernatural. I’m waiting for TVD S04 and SPN08 to finish so I can get them on my TV. I’ve started watching Doctor Who again AAAND I’ve started One Tree Hill too.

Too. Many. TV. Shows.


So much to talk about.

19 Mar

Gahh, I’ve been neglecting this blog too much. I’m sorry, I really am. >.<
There's a lot to tell you guys but I can't remember most of it so I'll just post what I remember.

Firstly, my uncle came over a few days ago (he left on Monday or Tuesday.) and he got me an iPad Mini! So um, yeah, this is my first post from an iPad Mini.
We also got another cat. My mother's friend's wanted to keep her cat outside because it had grown and wanted to go outside. She didn't feel comfortable letting him go outside because the street has a lot of cars passing by and cats have died there before. But we have an empty street, so we got him.

He's inside most of the time. But my mother is allergic so he's only allowed in three rooms; Mine, my brother's and my grandmother's. We close him in any one of the rooms but he doesn't mind because he's sleeping all day.
[EDIT]: We can't bring him in anymore because mum's allergies are acting up. Well then.
[EDIT]: He can come inside again.



Well, I'm really depressed because on 22nd March (23rd here) 1/2 of my favourite bands broke up. I was just dying of sadness. My Chemical Romance 2001-2013. They announced their break up in a blogpost.

A day or two later Gerard Way, their lead singer wrote this really long twitlonger, which I found really sweet.
Here’s the ending of it:


~Rimshah Xx


12 Jan

I’m really obsessed with these certain bands and Taylor Swift and I just cannot stop talking about them and shiz.

And since this blog is going nowhere, I’m thinking I should sort of make this blog about them? I don’t know, honestly. I just think I should make this blog about all music-related. For some reason, I feel like I already have but still.

Thoughts? Should I? I think I should. :mrgreen:

Random Picture Of The Post:



9 Jan

Hey! School started two days ago so that probably means I’m barely going to post on this blog. Also, it’s our Parent Teacher Meeting on Saturday. I’m be getting my report card and I’m pretty sure I failed. Sigh, this sucks.

I have nothing to post about (I probably say that in every post now, don’t I?) so I’m just gonna… go.

Sorry this post was really short. To make it up to you, here’s a picture of Kellin Quinn. ^-^