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I <3 fakeconvos!

15 Mar

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26 Feb

Hey peeps!! i know that i havent posted fer i dont know FOREVER!!! cuz i think this is ma second post! 😛 ( on silv’z blog )

:LOL:   soooooo….. i dont know what to say next so i guess i’ll tell you a  joke..

what did one wall say to the other?

meet you at the corner!!! 😛

Yea yea i know dat wuz lame! BUT IT DUZ NOT MATTER!!!

alrite… wateva                                           BYE!


Fantage Buzz!

22 Nov

Fantage World Parade Floats—New Rares!
November 19th, 2010

Greetings, Fantagians! We have a great surprise for you…a very magical surprise! Go to Wizard’s Domain to grab our newest rare items—Fantage World Parade Floats! Dress up like your favorite Fantage area and make a chain with your friends! Sport your awesome new accessories in Downtown and take photos! This week, submit your pictures to Comet & Co. for a chance to be featured under our Editor’s Choice column!

How will you make your Fantage World Parade?

Eets Ma B-DaY!!!!

10 Nov

OmG!!!! EeTs Ma B-DaY!!!! If U WiSh Me ThEn ………imA Giv U a LoLiPoP!!!!!!!!

Fantage News!

3 Oct

ttention Fantage real estate moguls…

Two NEW homes are now available over at Castle Realtors! Go there now to check out our latest and greatest real estate selections. Our new *luxury* home, the Kitchen, is an eclectic piece of artwork catered toward those who enjoy surrounding themselves in a cool, offbeat environment. Next up, travel around your yard in a giant Bus Home!

Live the life of luxury…inside of a giant kitchen! Just be careful not to leave the toaster over on…

The wheels on the bus go round and round…on your home! ^_^

We are introducing new furniture items to match your homes! Decorate your bus home and luxury kitchen home with these awesome matching furniture sets! Ever want to sit on life sized forks and spoons while eating scrumptious homemade jams? Well, now, you can! Head over to Ottoman’s now to see what all the excitement’s about!

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Feed Your Pets Treats! Win Stars!

September 28th, 2010

Are your pets hungry for a new activity? Starting this Thursday (9/30), you and your pet can search the entire world for delicious pet treats! Wait—these aren’t any ordinary treats! Every time one of your pets gobbles up a treat, you’ll win Stars! Higher level pets will win you the most Stars when they eat treats! Example: If you bring out a Feather pet, you will get more Stars than if you bring out a Cosmo. But, don’t fret about that…you will have lots of chances to feed your pets! You can feed your pets as many times as you desire and keep earning Stars! Gobbling up these treats will also make your Pet Treat Medal level skyrocket!

Feed your pets often and a lot to earn and level up your Pet Treat Medal!

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Fall into Autumn with New Backgrounds!

September 27th, 2010

Happy Beginning of Fall, everyone! As the weather goes from hot and humid, to cool and crisp, the leaves will be changing from bright green to golden yellow, burnt brown, and pumpkin orange. This Thursday, we are going to decorate our backgrounds in beautiful, Autumn colors as well! We know you’ll enjoy walking around in the cool, Fall air while chatting with friends and playing your favorite games. Here is a sneak peek of what is coming this Thursday!


Wait, there’s some more news! Ever want to know what Fantage looks like on the big screen? Now, you can view Fantage in a new *enlarged* version! See yourself and others like never before in this new, full view! To make the screen larger, click the enlarge icon on the top of your screen.

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Now Released: New Costumes!

September 24th, 2010

Jester’s Costumes has been officially restocked with brand new items for your masquerade enjoyment! Stop by and see what kinds of kooky creations he’s cooked up just for y’all. First, we have some throwbacks from some of your favorite fairy tales. Wouldn’t you love to dress up as Mother or Father Goose? How about Little Bo Peep OR her Sheep? We also have some awesome luxury costumes for you to check out—animated Little Red Riding Hood and The Explorer!

Relive your favorite Fairy Tales! Which Fairy Tale costume is your favorite?

New *luxury* animated costumes! It’s never been done before until now! Check it out!

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NOW RELEASED: Fantage Pets…Unleashed!

September 20th, 2010

Heyyy Fantagians!!

We know all of you pet collectors out there want the chance to show off your pets to the world…well, starting today, you can! Now, you can bring your pets outside of your barn and home! No leash required, your pet will naturally stay by your side! You can bring one pet out with you at a time. When you click on it, it will do a random animation! Pets are now able to walk around with you in all areas of the world, with the exception of Creature Arena, User Homes, and Fashion Show. Are you ready for your pets to become…unleashed?

Wait, there’s more!!!! This Thursday (9/23), we are releasing a *brand new* pet family, the Feathers! This family is made up of some interesting little birdies that are anything, but ordinary! These flying creatures flew into Fantage aboard a strange visitor’s UFO which explains why they are unique, kooky, and a little offbeat!

yo ppl!

28 Aug

heyy ppl!!! irok in da houz!!!!! i am sick and it feels horrrrrible but still! i want u guz to check out this song