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Charm:Kitten Toy

29 Jun

Heyy friends! THere is a new charm out in Skytown Skatepark! You can charge up the canon in Presto’s Edge to get there 🙂

Kitten TOy Charm located in SKytwon Skatepark

Have funn!


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Charm: JUnkfood Soda

24 Jun

Hey friends 🙂 I am FINALLY back…I think it was pretty selfish of me to just go cuz i was bored of Dizzywood. Well im back 😀

So there is a new charm in Breakwater Beach. You can get there by your map… It is a bit ahead of the Beach Hut.

Soda Charm In Breakwater Beach
Have funn friends!!!!

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Charm:Lucky Clover

7 Mar

Hey friends! Greenday26 here. DIzzywood put out a new charm. It is a Lucky Clover Charm. Just PERFECT for St. Pattys day 🙂

It is located in Wildwood Glen. You can find it there.

Have a great time in Dizzywood friends! I know thats pretty hard to do now because of gold and silver members 😦  (Nooo Offence to members 🙂 )



Charm: Pink Strappy Heels

25 Feb

Hi friends! Greenday26 here! There is a new charm out in Dizzywood!

It is a Pink Strappy Heel and it is located in Tangelvine Jungle.

Pink Strappy Heel in Tangelvine Jungle

Have funn!!!!


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Lucky(Rainbow charm)

18 Feb

Hi friends! THere is a new charm out. Its a lucky rainbow charm. It is in the Chasm.

The charm is in the Chasm

Have funn!!!

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Charm: Heart Lollipop

13 Feb

Heyyy!! Greenday26 here! Happy Valentines Day to all 😀 ♥!

There is a new charm out in Dizzywood 😀
It is in Explorer’s Camp.

In Explorers camp ♥

Have funn friends and have a great ♥Valentine’s Day♥


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Heart Box Charm

28 Jan

In Garden Gazebo walk straight and you will see it

Have funn!!!


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