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New Year Everyone?

24 Feb

Hey its February almost March but Happy New Year!!! Hope you all at a great first month, I can believe 2012 is already here. And, I can’t believe I have to wait a whole another year for my next birthday, where I’m getting a guitar 😛

P.S. My bday was last month, so that’s what I’m talking about ^^

But, basically 10 more months until I can prove to people that we dont die in 2012 😀

Since we are talking about countdowns, at least I am, 1 more month till the Hunger Games 🙂

I’m way excited, since I just finished reading the first book, called The Hunger Games.

You should really read it, it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :p

Here are some birthday candles for me and a disco ball for 2012:

And the Hunger Games:

I FORGOT.. TS’s Safe + Sound Music Video:



MUsicrox on OW

4 May

Sowwie i havent been posting, I’ve been wayyy to lazy. I made an Ourworld account a few weeks ago & it’s my new virtual world phase. I’ve had 3 so far… (club penguin,fantage,ourworld).

My names musicrox5 if u wanna add me XP

I dont add me people who I dont know (from xat/a site) so if u tell me your name by commenting on this post I’ll add u. If you dont have an account and want to make one… click the pic.


Taylor Swift ACMA 2011

24 Mar

I just heard about Taylor Swift in the Academy of Country Music Awards. You can vote for her as Entertainer of The Year!!!!!

Click the link below to vote!!!!!

Yes I know you have to sign up but… its worth it cuz TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!!



6 Mar

Hallo pplz! I just got added to this awesome blog!!!!

***Licks Ice-Cream***

Cookie Dough is my favorite ice-cream!!!! I also like everything else…lol. I can eat ice-cream at anytime of the day, any time of the year. Have any of you tried disgusting ice-creams? Let me kno…