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Fantage:Breaking News

12 Dec

Guess what?Are u a non?Or maybe a mem wanting something she doesnt have.Well, do u want mem clothes non mems?Well the day is finally here!!!Go to le shop.Open the catalog.Click on all the stuff u want but,u can only do 1 outfit at a time.Now press X to get out of the catalog.Go to ur inventory.Click on the paper bag.Ur clothes should show up.Then change ur hair back and its still there.Plz plz dont make a video cuz the fantage people will see it and take the cheat off.Also credit goes 2 marie3541 for finding it.Also srry it doesnt save when u log out.And i dont think people can see it but im not sure.


Fantage is finally adding someing new!!!

30 Nov

Finally fanatge is adding some face paint and make up in december oh and 4 those who r wondering when the new shop in uptown is opening itz opening in december 2!!!


24 Nov

Heyy guyz!!!Im a new worker im dwfanforlife.Also visit my blog its kinda new. Oh and also theres a ecoin sale in fanatge heres a pic