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New home and furniture

16 Mar

Fantage has again done a new home but the furniture is coming today the 3/16.

So As nothing else to say I am saying BYE BYE



16 Mar

Well I told about my cookies in my last post.The taste of my chocolate chip cookies was great but it could stuck to the pan so my family and i got crumbled cookies.I am not doing this for the sake of baking but just like that because it is break now because our final exams finished on 9th as said before. Today sometimes i will do a pudding because i like baking but i always need my mother’s help for measures and for the baking oven . The ingredients of yesterday’s cookies was taken only half of them by me.So hope my today’s pudding is ok.So BYE

St.Patrick’s Day news

15 Mar

OK ! You all maybe wondering why i changed my header and y i named this post as St.Patrick’s Day news. OK this Thursday is St.Patrick’s Day [maybe] and a party is coming in fantage this Thursday.

Do you guys want to know what happened till now?

After lunch,I  started making cookies.My mom will put it in the oven after some time.I hope it turns out well. 😉  :-I


Welcome back.

9 Mar

Guess what?? oh so lazy to guess.u have 10 seconds











i am sorry guys i could not post before. I missed a lot of stuff. It was because it was the final exams and i have to study… Anyway i will post starting for today till 23rd….the school only reopens in April so there…

Pls check out my new pages … Stories page is in construction so there [ in my blog not everyone there]



Valentines Party: Mini Game Cheat 4

14 Feb

click static or michelle

then click mini game 4

then a small video

the prize is

then again a video .

happy valentines day !!!!!!!!

bye and from best

Valentines Party:Mini Game Cheat 3

13 Feb

ok click that static and michelle.

then this mini game 3

after watching that clip,dress michelle.

the prize is :

bye and from best 😀

Valentines Day Items

12 Feb

the things for Valentines Day Party

scroll down for valentines day mini game cheats