4 Jan

Hey,  sorry for not posting! How long has it been? Two weeks? Darn. I’d make up an excuse as to why I’m not posting but the truth is I was either lazy or I forgot. My bad.

  Also, I should’ve said this earlier but I didn’t, so I’ll say it now.



I came back from Karachi today. It’s really nice to be home. I felt homesick even though I was only gone two weeks. It’s really cold here in Islamabad, which I don’t mind at all. I love the cold weather. Since our house had been abandoned for a while, it’s really cold now. And I haven’t used this laptop in two weeks either, and the keys are freezing. O.o I wonder how I’m typing all this, I can’t feel my fingers. 

I bought three books from Karachi. Two were books from The Vampire Diaries and one was The Bourne – something. I don’t remember, heh.

Has anyone read any of the The Vampire Diaries books? I read the first two books (The Awakening and The Struggle) and I was hooked, but then I started watching the show and I’m not so interested in the books anymore. I mean, I still like them, but not as much as I did before. The TV Show is MUCH better.

I’m really obsessed with Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. Not complaining, to be honest.

I really have nothing to talk about now so… Bye!

~ Rimsha

P.S Any idea what I should turn this blog into? I don’t think people want to read about some of the uneventful things going on in my life. 😛


Winter vacations!

21 Dec

Hey, everyone!
Winter vacations have finally started!
    I had my last two exams today. English and Islamiyat. English was so easy! And Islamiyat was okay. Like, some questions were really easy and some hard.

 Anyhow, today’s supposed to be the ‘end of the world’. Which in my opinion, is just crap. The end of the world? Seriously? 😛 I’ve survived like, six ‘end of the worlds’ in the part thirteen years.

 So I’ve started watching The Vampire Diaries. I really, really love it. O.O I just have a thing for Vampires. Also, Edward Cullen doesn’t count as a vampire. Just saying.

I’m going to Karachi tomorrow. Just thought y’all should know.

So I dropped my iPod a few days ago and the screen cracked. But I don’t mind, my iPod sucks anyways. 😀 I -MIGHT- be getting an iPhone5, though.
But from what I’ve heard, the iPhone4s is much better. I really have nothing to talk about so here’s a picture to end this post. ^-^


~ Rimsha

I’m alive!

15 Dec

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I still haven’t quit. I kind of, sorta forgot I had a blog. :mrgreen: don’t hurt me.

Well, I’ve been really happy these days. Probably because It was Taylor Swift’s( Yep, I’m still obsessed with her) 23rd birthday on the 13th. It was Alex Gaskarth’s 25th birthday yesterday, today it’s my mums birthday and tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. So many birthday’s in December.

Has anyone seen the I Knew You Were Trouble music video? I really want to watch it but I can’t find links in any other place besides YouTube and I can’t use YouTube because it’s blocked. I’m too lazy to use a proxy.

Sigh, so hard to live without YouTube.

Anyhow, there are these three stray cats that come to my house. Wanna see pictures? I think they’re adorable.





I don’t know if any of you know this, but, I’m like, really obsessed with cats. I used to have cats. But turned out my mums allergic. /:

Brace yourself, more cat pictures are coming.
Here are my (ex)cats.




I named them Luna and Simba, if anyone was wondering.


Question of the Post: On a scale of 1-10, how cat-obsessed are you?


EDIT – Do you guys like my new background/header? 😀


27 Sep

Before I talk about Ronan, my birthday was day before Yesterday. (25th September) :3 and Roxanne Emery tweeted/followed me. FANGIRLING.
also, since Today is the 27th, It’s Avril Lavigne’s birthday, and The Casual Vacancy comes out TODAY. 😀
Okay so about Ronan.
I know I’m very late in saying this. I meant to blog about it when the song was first released but I forgot, heh.

Ronan was a three year old -he’d be four this year if he were alive- boy who died of cancer last year. Taylor Swift, who is said to have been reading Maya Thompson (Ronan’s mum)’s blog, wrote a song about him. Which Maya co-wrote. On September 8 2012, Taylor Swift performed her song ‘Ronan’ for the first time on SU2C. If you watch her performance, you can tell that she’s trying hard not to cry. After performing the song she was crying a lot.

R.I.P Ronan Thompson. You will be remembered. ❤

"I remember the ride home, and the blind hope, turned to crying and screaming 'Why?'. Flowers piled up in the worst way, no one knows what to say, about a beautiful boy who died."

~Rimsha X

When the stars silhouette me, I’m scared they’ll forget me and flicker out.

5 Sep

Sorry about the title. I’m listening to that song while writing this post. ^-^
You all should listen to it if you haven’t. But I’m pretty sure you have.

Honey and the Bee – Owl City ft. Breanne Düren.

So, has anyone here read the Perks of Being a Wallflower? It’s pretty… Mature. but I really loved it. One of my favourite books. I’m currently reading Gone (by Michael Grant) and Maximum Ride (James Patterson.)

Can’t wait for the Perks film even though I’ll probably not watch it.

My birthday is in about twenty days!
Oh and I can’t wait for The Casual Vacancy. It’s JK Rowling’s new book if you didn’t know.

Has anyone seen The Dark Knight Rises? It’s a great film. I loved it. ^-^

I bought a lot of books during the Summer vacations.

The Hunger Games trilogy, Gone, Maximum Ride, Looking For Alaska, Perks of being a wallflower and Dare to Dream. Okay those aren’t a lot and I don’t even know if Dare to Dream counts as a book. It’s more like a One Direction magazine to me. xD

Anyhow, I should leave now.


~ Rimsha/Cy/Star


17 Aug


Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.
I know I said that I’d post about America but I’m too lazy to do that.

This blogpost is about Red. Not the colour, but the album.
It’s the name of Taylor Swift’s new album! It’s out on 22nd October. 😀


I was watching Taylor Swift’s live chat on YouTube and it was the best 25-27 minutes of my life. :b

So basically, in the livechat, she told us the name of her new album, and she also showed us the album cover. Picture above. 

She also talked about why the album is called Red. Which I forgot because I’m not a good listener. :p

A fan asked her about her duet with Ed Sheeran and I started to freak out. I’m a huge Ed Sheeran fan and it’s cool that he know some of my favourite people. (Taylor Swift, One Direction and Rupert Grint)
Taylor said that Ed is one of her favourite people and he’s cool. :’D asdfghjkl.

Oh and her duet with Ed will be in her new album!!!!

They were writing a song while sitting on a trampoline (wat.) and they thought it was cool so they decided to record it. Or something like that.

Ed Sheeran tweeted
‘Duet coming soon…’
With this picture attached.


Heh gotta love those two.


At the end of the chat, she leaked one of the songs that are in her new album.
It’s the best. Song. Ever. I’ve had it on repeat all morning. I’m listening to it right now!
It became number one on iTunes just a while after it was released on iTunes. It was the top downloaded on some of the music downloading sites, too! It’s #1 in 25 countires. Ajdjdjfkakckalfkakc I’m just so proud of her. xD

It’s called We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.


Bye. c:


‘You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me, but we are never ever ever getting back together.’



10 Jul

Hey. C:
I figured I haven’t blogged in a month so yeah…
How are all your vacations going? Good, I hope.
I’m in America right now and I spent about two weeks in Europe. I thought I’d make a blogpost about my trip in Europe. c:

We went with another family.
First of all, we went to Switzerland, Geneva. It’s B E A U T I F U L.
Geneva wasn’t so fun, to be honest. But our hotel was next to lake Geneva and we just went around the lake and also took a cruise or something in the Lake. That was fun. Saw Agha Khan’s mansion(s?) and that mermaid statue. I also saw that huge fountain which was great. Saw quite a lot of other stuff there too.
We were in Geneva for two days. After Geneva, we went to Interlaken. Which is this little area in Switzerland.

It was so expensive. xD It was pretty fun there though. We did quite a lot over there. My brother and his friend went Paragliding. It seemed fun but I’m pretty scared of heights… most of the time. The paragliding people were very nice. The same day, both families went WATER RAFTING!!! Rafting was great. and the people there were also very nice. c:
Interlaken was full of Indians. I actually felt like I was in India. Turns out that the Indian Film Industry o something is in Interlaken. All Indian music videos are filmed there, I think.
We were in Interlaken for two days.
After Switzerland, we went to ITALY.
First Florence, then Rome.
We were in Florence for two days and we were in Rome for four days. It should have been the other way, though.
Italy has the best food. :b PIZZA AND PASTA.
Florence was fun. Took this bus tour and stuff. Saw the house where Galileo died and the place where he studied the planets and shiz with his telescope.
We also took this walking tour that was for three hours. Our tour guide’s name was Mario. He was so nice to us. c: He also took us inside two Churches. He was going to show us the rope used to crucify Michel Angelo or something. And we saw a lot of Renaissance/Gothic stuff and more historic things. :b

Oh and we went to Pisa for a day just to see the leaning tower. We took a tour there too. We went inside this church (I think) where we saw the real tomb of a saint. We also saw this mosaic of Jesus Christ. It looked like a painting but no. IT WAS MADE WITH TILES. I think. :b

So after the tour, we got to go up to the Leaning Tower! If we wanted to, that is. Me, my mum, my brother and my mother’s friend made it to the top. It was fun. c:

We went to Rome afterwards. The receptionist at our hotel gave us some very nice suggestions to places for eating. 😀 he was very nice. I saw the Colosseum and stuff. We took a walking tour and we went inside the Vatican Museum. I didn’t enjoy that because I was hungry, and thirty and dizzy and my stomach was hurting. xD

LEGEND HAS IT that Cleopatra got her lover, Julius Caesar some cats but turns out he was allergic to cats so he had them executed.

We went to Turkey for a day.
ISTANBUL. my favourite city, along with London.
Haha. we took a cruise in the Bosphorus and… That’s all I remember. OwO

From Turkey we went to Washington. I’ll talk about my trip to America after I’m out of here!

Bye! x

“Give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything.”